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Book Review: The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest by Melanie Dickerson

“’Thank You, Anna.’
‘Of course, you mad, wonderful, courageous woman who steals the margrave’s deer.’
Mad. that was a good description of it. Truly, she must be mad.”

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest Cover

Series: A Medieval Fairy Tale (Book #1)
Fiction, Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Fairy Tale
Thomas Nelson
Publication Date:
May 12, 2015
Number of pages: 

From the Publisher:

A beautiful maiden who poaches to feed the poor. A handsome forester on a mission to catch her. Danger and love are about to unite in Thornbeck Forest.

The margrave owns the finest hunting grounds for miles around—and Odette Menkels spends her nights poaching his deer to feed the hungry orphans of Thornbeck. By day, Odette is a simple maiden who teaches children to read, but by night this young beauty has become the secret lifeline to the poorest of the poor.

For Jorgen Hartman, the margrave’s forester, tracking down a poacher is a duty he is all too willing to perform. Jorgen inherited his post from the man who raised him . . . a man who was murdered at the hands of a poacher.

When Jorgen and Odette meet at the Midsummer festival and share a connection during a dance, neither has any idea that they are already adversaries.

The one man she wants is bound by duty to capture her; the one woman he loves is his cunning target . . . What becomes of a forester who protects a notorious poacher? What becomes of a poacher when she is finally discovered?”

My Review:

*scene opens and I’m sitting in my bedroom writing with a clear view of the driveway and road from my window*

*hears loud engine noise*

*looks up and sees UPS truck*

*runs out of room squealing “MY BOOK IS HERE!”*

*whips open the door to the UPS truck and starts tearing through the packages to find mine*

Just kidding.

Being the introvert that I am, I quietly sat by the door while the UPS man knocked and laid the package on our porch…

*UPS man turns his back and door quietly opens as my hand reaches out onto the porch to snatch the package*

*runs back down stairs and rips it open*

And this was the beauty that was waiting for me…..or that I was impatiently waiting for:


Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for this book?! It feels like it has been YEARS! But I am now content knowing that I finally own it and it’s currently sitting on my shelf looking absolutely gorgeous!! *sigh* 

Now at this time, we are all going to take a moment to marvel at this beautiful book cover.

*Moment passes*

Since we have wisely used that moment gazing at the perfection of that cover, it’s time to get this review thing started!

*rubs hands together*

So, this book was supposed to be a fairytale retelling of Robin Hood and Swan Lake and was it pulled off?


In this version, “Robin Hood” is a female named Odette Menkels and she is the toughest, wittiest, cockiest and, in my opinion, the best heroine that Melanie Dickerson has ever crafted!! She’s like a medieval Katniss Everdeen! I now want to own a living thing just so I can name it Odette!

As for Jorgen, he was absolutely adorable, chivalrous, strong, and protective! I loved his character a lot! He is probably my second favorite of Melanie Dickerson’s heroes (Gabe from The Fairest Beauty being the first)!

On top of that, the storyline was fast-paced and quite the page turner!! I loved how the Robin Hood and Swan Lake themes were incorporated into it – it doesn’t copy the storylines which makes it very original but you can still easily pick up on the fairytale retelling part of it.

This book kept me on edge wanting to know what would happen next – I was tempted to call into work because I was so desperate to finish it! – and it left me hanging on to every witty comment that Odette made. She was an awesome heroine!

Everything about this book was absolutely amazing! I think it is now my favorite Melanie Dickerson book. I adored it! It was definitely worth the lengthy, nail-biting, can’t-sleep-because-I’m-so-excited wait!

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest is set to release on May 12th, 2015 but if you pre-order it now you can get it right away!! Plus, the ebook is only $4.99 but only for a limited time!!

So go buy it now!!!

I command you!!!

All you have to do is click on one of those links that I have below and voila you are sent to do as you are destined to do….

Which is to buy this book!!

*narrows eyes* You better be scrolling down to buy it.




★ ★ ★ ★ ★


This is a book that I will be passing around to all of my reader friends and re-reading myself sometime in the near future! There are some gory scenes where a couple people are shot with arrows and Odette does break the law to feed the poor children in her area. It’s also a romantic novel so there’s some kissing and adorable romantic scenes. Other than that, it’s a really clean, exciting book that almost everyone can read!

If you like fairytale re-tellings or medieval novels, this would be a book for you!

Find The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest on:



Barnes and Noble

Thomas Nelson

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*I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Thank you, Thomas Nelson for the privilege to review this book! *

*Photo borrowed from Thomas Nelson’s website*


8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest by Melanie Dickerson

    1. You are very welcome, Melanie!! ❤ Thanks for writing such an amazing book!! I can't believe that BOTH of you came to say you liked my review! I'm very flattered!! And you both are so awesome! =)


    1. Patiently? I could never be patient waiting for a new release! 😉 All the waiting drives me crazy!! Now that I’ve already read this Melanie Dickerson book, I’m starting to get hyped up for the next one, “The Golden Braid” that releases in November. *sigh* Such a long wait!! And thank you! It was such a fun review to write! =)


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