Prayers, Grace, and Lots of Coffee

And here we have the Rachael, residing in her natural habitat:


That is a dramatized glance into my life these past few weeks and how it will be for another two weeks.

If you have read my “About” page, then you are already aware of the fact that I am a full time college student. Now that it’s reaching the end of the school year, finals are coming up and let’s just say that I am overwhelmed. I have 7+ essays to write within the next two weeks and other assignments on top of that. We also have family coming up for my graduation in… oh gosh! Two weeks!

On top of that, I just counted my pile of books I have been given to review and books I have bought that I plan to review… over twenty one books… and I have more coming in the mail. I’m supposed to have a bunch of those up within the next month. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do! I wouldn’t trade it for any other occupation in the world! I’m just a little… or a lot… stressed.

My day consists of waking up in the morning, doing homework, going to work, getting home and doing more homework, reading a few chapters of a book I’ve been asked to review, writing up a draft of a blog post or two, and by the time I go to bed it’s two o’clock in the morning. I’m days behind in sleep and I have to do this for the next two weeks or so.

So, I ask two things of you: Grace and prayers.

I ask for grace as there’s a large chance that there will be little, if not any posts these next couple weeks. If you’re an author who has sent me a review, I ask for grace while I try to focus on this semester and attempt to survive and finish strong before I put my focus back on reading your book(s) and writing reviews for you.

I need prayers for me to get through these next few weeks with good grades, motivation to finish the semester, strength, and at least a little sleep.

I also wouldn’t mind a few drops of coffee as I will badly need it! How about prayers for me to scrape some money out of my paycheck to be able to pay for such a frivolous indulgence? 😉

Thank you all for being such wonderful followers! I’m blessed to have you alongside of me!


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