Finals, Graduation, and The Writers Retreat

I survived and now I’m back!

It has been WEEKS since I’ve last posted something on here! I needed a break with all that’s been going on, but it feels good to be blogging again.

Thank you to those who prayed for me while I was under stress during finals. In light of my finals weekend consisting of four hours of sleep and five cups of coffee, I finished strong and, from what I have heard back so far, got good grades! 🙂 You all have been a blessing and I am thankful to have you as a part of my life! ❤

I also graduated from high school on the eighth of May and had a chance to spend time with my family that lives across the US:

My brother and I being fabulous

Now, I only have one more semester of boring college courses to complete my Liberal Arts degree before I get to move onto the fun stuff – English!

On top of all of that, I was given the chance to spend a weekend at a writers retreat with both published authors and aspiring authors, alike. One of those authors being…




*Checks “Meet a favorite author” off of my bucket list*

Yes, I got to spend the weekend at a writing retreat with the one and only, Julie Klassen (The Secret of Pembrooke Park, The Dancing Master, and The Tutor’s Daughter) who writes the best regency novels ever! We got to brainstorm, talk about her upcoming novels (I’m sworn to secrecy 😉 ), and favorite pieces from her past novels. It was a surreal experience!

I also got to meet other awesome authors like Michelle Griep  (Brentwood’s Ward) and Gabrielle Meyer (The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection), hear about their writing experiences, and get tips about my own slowly-moving novels in progress.

But if we weren’t writing, we were either taking walks on the beautiful trails, telling stories and giggling like teenagers, or playing speed scrabble.


Do me a favor and check out the authors that I listed above, they need all the support they can get!

I have been catching up on my reading so be sure to look forward to many fun reviews to come within the next few days!!

I’m so excited to be back!

❤ Rachael

Tell me what you have been up to in the comments!


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