Book Review

Book Review: A Deadly Business by Lis Wiehl

“If the hours don’t kill you, the accused just might.”


Series: Mia Quinn (Book 2)
Contemporary, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Publication Date:
June 17, 2014
Number of pages: 

From the Publisher:

“Mia Quinn is a Seattle prosecutor working on high profile cases in the Violent Crimes unit while juggling the impossible demands of single parenthood. Her husband, Scott, was killed in a car crash that homicide detective Charlie Carlson now believes was no accident. Charlie’s instincts and professional record make it impossible for Mia to refute the evidence she’d rather not believe.

When the powers that be refuse to reopen the case, it’s up to Mia and Charlie to investigate, all the while trying to deny a growing attraction between them. Was her accountant husband really in league with nefarious criminals? And who is the young woman whose photo they find on his computer?

Uncovering the truth may hurt Mia in more ways than one.

My Review:


^ That will be your reaction throughout the entire book.

Wow! This book was good!

This book was really good!

I couldn’t stop reading it! It didn’t help that there was a cliff hanger at the end of each chapter and also ones in between the chapters.

I usually don’t try to read the back cover of books because I want to go in blind without knowing much about the book. So, when I started this book, I thought that the case she was asked to look into was all the book was going to be about and, admittedly, I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this book because it didn’t seem very interesting.

But a case about her deceased husband opens up and that’s when it gets good!

Secrets are revealed, people open up, things happen, and I was left sitting there aghast.

There is so much suspense! And mystery! And action! You can’t turn the pages fast enough!

Gaaah! I loved it so much!

I need to start the third one now because CHARLIE!!

You’ll understand when you read it.

Which will be now.

So go buy it, or get it from the library, or whatever you need to do.

Unless you haven’t read the first one yet.

Then you need to buy that one, or get it from the library, or whatever you need to do first.

And then you read this one!

Go! Go! Go! There’s no time to lose!


★ ★ ★ ★

I know I already said it but, this book was good!

Do note that it is a murder, suspense, thriller, mystery type book so only mature audiences are recommended.

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*Reviewer’s personal copy. All opinions are my own. *

*Photo borrowed from Thomas Nelson’s website*


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