Weaseling My Way In

One small step for humanity and one large step for this blogger!

I have found another way to weasel my way into your life.

I finally made an Instagram account!!


Now, not only am I appearing on your Facebook and in your email, I will now be popping up in your Instagram too!


It’s going to be so much fun!!!

What will I be doing with my Instagram account?

Right now I am doing an Instagram Fall Book Challenge that I am actually staying on top of so far (What a surprise!) and I’ll probably do more in the foreseeable future.

I’ll also post updates about the newest book reviews, book hauls, and exiting things like that.

If you want to follow me you can either:

a) Find my account on the sidebar to the right.

b) Search me by looking up rachaelreads4

c) Follow this link: https://instagram.com/rachaelreads4/


d) Do every step above and unfollow me then re-follow me multiple times to blow up my notifications.

I’ll see you guys on Instagram!


Not literally.


If I could really see you, I would be scared.

So would you.

Then, I wouldn’t have anyone to read my blog posts because we would all be frightened.

With that being said…

I look forward to not literally seeing you on Instagram.


❤ Rachael


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