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Behind the Scenes: Favorite Quotes from “The Thorn Keeper” by Author Pepper Basham

If you’ve already been on my blog today, you will know that today is a day full of fun and excitement! I have already revealed the cover to author Pepper Basham’s upcoming release, “The Thorn Keeper” and am giving away a digital Advanced Reader’s Copy – those who comment on the cover reveal post (not this post) will be entered in a drawing to win the digital copy.

Right now, we will be diving into the book and I’ll be picking out some of my favorite lines from the book!

If you’ve been around long enough, you will know that I adore quotes so this should be fun for both of us!!

Here is a little inspiration from Isaiah 49:5 —


A big theme in this book is righting ones wrongs and learning about God’s grace and forgiveness. It’s a truly touching and inspirational novel!


I love this one above so much!



I couldn’t go a whole blog post about posting something adorable! This is a romance book, afterall!


This verse above is one of my absolute favorites!


I think this quote right here:


is my favorite quote throughout the whole book! It sums up this whole novel in a few sentences. ❤





Doesn’t that sounds like something out of a Dickens, Austen, or Brontë novel?! It’s so beautiful!

I’m sitting here looking through these and wondering how Pepper comes up with such gripping, surreal, and perfect sentences!

Don’t you agree?!

Though the book is not available for pre-order yet (I will announce it here when it is), I recommend you putting this book on your To Be Read list. After reading the book blurb and these lines, how could you not, right?


If you want it now, you can enter for a chance to win it by commenting on my cover reveal post here >>>The Thorn Keeper” Cover Reveal


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