Behind The Scenes

The 8 Stages of Reading “Playing The Part” by Jen Turano


You may be aware of the fact that Jen Turano is one of my favorite authors ever.
Like, top-notch-squealing-when-I-get-a-new-release-in-the-mail-or-find-new-information-about-works-in-progress favorite. I adore her work!

If this is new information to you, you may want to read my book reviews…

(After a Fashion, Book 1; In Good Company, Book 2; Playing the Part, Book 3)


Especially if you haven’t read my book review of Playing the Part yet, you should head over there and read it now so that everything below makes a little more sense.

So, without further ado, I present to you all the emotions you experience whilst reading Playing the Part.

#1. The book arrives in the mail:









#2. Opening the book:


My power over you grows stronger yet…” the book sings beautifully as you are drawn into its alluring pages.


#3. Bram appears:

giphy (1)

Why hello there!


#4. Realizing that Bram is, in fact, fictional and you cannot marry him:


If you could come to life and accept this ring, that would be great!


#5. Every scene with Silas or Nigel:


Ick. *Shivers*


#6. Every adorable scene between Lucetta and Bram:



#7. When you reach the last page:

phantom cry


#8. Pulling it from the shelf to hold it and flip through its pages one more time:





2 thoughts on “The 8 Stages of Reading “Playing The Part” by Jen Turano

  1. Hi Rachael, I just found your blog and I absolutely love this post! Jen Turano and Phantom of the Opera? This only makes me want to read Jen’s latest book even more. Thanks for making me laugh!


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