Meet Your Favorite Authors and Fellow Readers This Summer!

Hey there! I’m still alive. It’s been awhile, I know. I just started a new job and have been in over my head with both of my brothers getting married this summer and trying to to work more than I’m used to. I need to lock myself away and do some reading – I’ll actually be writing an overdue review after I finish this but I want to get word out about the most amazing event this summer!

Planned by my amazing blogger friend, Carrie (readingismysuperpower), and two other wonderful ladies, the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat will be one of the most amazing events of the year – I can already guarantee it.

The first annual Christian Fiction Readers Retreat will be held on August 24th, one day event prior to ACFW 2016 Conference, also in Nashville, TN. Program includes praise & worship, author speaking sessions, author panels, and small breakout sessions where you’ll get to have time with your favorite author. There will also be designated author signing times, food and lots of giveaways and swags.

There are a total of 29 authors for you to meet and greet and hang out with! The chosen speakers for the event are:

Mary Connealy

Ruth Logan Herne

Tamera Alexander

Julie Lessman

Laura Frantz


Some of the participating authors are:

Dani Pettrey (Oh my gosh!)

Gabrielle Meyer (Oh my gosh! She’s amazing, I’ve met her a couple times.)

Kristi Ann Hunter (Oh my gosh!)

Melanie Dickerson (OH MY GOSH!!!!!)

Becky Wade (OH MY GOSH!!!!!!)



Those are the ones that I’m looking forward to meeting, trust me, there are so many more!!!

It’s also being sponsored by, Bethany House Publishers, Revell, and Love Inspired – some of the biggest names in Christian Fiction!

Doesn’t this look like the most amazing thing in the entire world?!

I know it will be much more than I am anticipating because of the environment and the people involved. Let me be real for a second (and not babbling on like the fangirl I am). When I started reading and blogging about Christian Fiction, I didn’t know what I was getting to. I remember feeling so starstruck when I reached out to authors that I admired on Facebook and going crazy when they replied to a message I sent them – that was three years ago. Now, I talk to my author friends more than I do people I’ve met face to face and have known for years. Now, my sister is the one who exclaims, “Rachael! BECKY WADE just commented on your photo!” and I just smile and go, “Yeah, I know.” Now, I’m meeting up with Julie Klassen for writing retreats or outings, occasionally. (Though, I will admit that I still have a tendency to be a little star struck now and then). Since I’ve started reading Christian Fiction, I’ve come to understand that there is no difference between us readers and our esteemed authors – we both have flaws, quirks, and human tendencies. Even better, we all have one thing in common, we are all in love with Jesus and strive to be more like Him! And that’s what I love about the Christian Fiction group of authors and readers. The Christian Fiction world is so much smaller than the secular genres and is so welcoming and loving. The authors love to meet and keep in touch with their readers. The readers love sharing their new favorite reads with each other and keep up with their favorite authors. The authors may not be paid as much as they’d like since they’re apart of a genre with a smaller readership and us reviewers may not be paid for the words we write nor get as many views as we’d like, but I think at the end of the day, none of us would trade the love we receive from each other or our readers for all the money and popularity in the world. I have met so many amazing people in the Christian Fiction world and I am blessed to know all of them and YOU! ❤

So, if you are wanting to be apart of a great crew of people that genuinely care about you and are excited to share a common interest, this will make a great trip! Also, it’s not going to be a convention sized retreat with thousands of people, it will be big enough for you to constantly be meeting new people throughout the day but small enough for you to interact one-on-one with your favorite authors. 🙂

For more information about registration, lodging, and attending authors, check out the website:

Christian Fiction Readers Retreat


I’m not able to fully guarantee that I’ll make it (still trying to crunch some numbers and find the funds to pay for a plane ticket – maybe I’ll have to cut back on my book spending. Sacrifices must be made. 😉 ) buuuut, there’s even a chance that you could run into me there! I’d love to meet all of my followers and internet friends!

If you’ve already bought your plane ticket and made plans to be there, comment below and let me know!!!


If you read this and immediately opened another tab to buy a plane ticket because you HAVE TO GO, comment below and let me know!!!

This would be the trip of a lifetime! ❤


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