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Dear Future Husband


Dear Future Husband,

I hope that when we meet, it’s uncomplicated. We strike up a conversation and then go our separate ways, but I hope that there’s something about that moment that you keep going back to.

I hope our love story is simple.

When we begin to hang out, I hope that it’s casual. We begin to get to know each other as friends, first. We talk about our childhoods, our biggest triumphs, our most difficult struggles. We learn about each other’s families and the small quirks we have.

I hope that we fall in love slowly.

I hope that we make an adventure of every moment we spend together, that I can convince you to leave your place at midnight just so I can have somebody to go puddle jumping with because I’m too excited about the rain to sleep. We can go running through the corn fields and lie in the middle of the gravel road and watch the stars. I’ll tell you all about the wonder I feel when I’m surrounded by the galaxies.

I hope that we begin to see life from a new perspective.

I hope you pick me up one Sunday morning and introduce me to your church. I will get to watch you interact with your church family and see how God overwhelms you when we begin to worship. I hope that on our drive back, we talk about how we are impacted by His love and grace and how in love with Him we are. More than that, I hope you hold onto Jesus tighter than you hold onto me. When you drop me off, I hope you ask me to join you the next week, and the week after that.

I hope that I say yes.

I hope that you bring me home with you to meet your mother and that I adore her as much as you do. I hope that when you’re not in the room, she will pull out the old photos and gush over how cute of a baby you were.

I hope that I will love our kids as much as she loves you.

When I bring you along to hang out with my nieces and nephews, I hope you don’t mind leaving behind every ounce of adulthood and get as excited about hide-and-seek as we do. You will learn about every character on their favorite shows and listen to the same soundtrack for hours on repeat.

I hope you give them the attention they deserve and that you will be someone they can look up to as they grow.

When you visit home one weekend, in the quiet of the kitchen, I hope that you whisper to your mother that you love me and that I may be the one.

I hope that I can be everything you need me to be; that I can be there to celebrate with you when you succeed and hold you and reassure you of who you are in Christ when you’re down.

One day, I hope you hold my hands in yours and tell me how much you love me and how you want to spend your forever with me. I hope that you mean it. But more than this, I hope that you love Jesus more than you love me and you look to Him with every step you take.

I hope that we argue and fight, not because I want to be angry with you, but because we will learn how to communicate and understand each other better. When we finish, I hope we can apologize and learn to work through it.

On our wedding day, I hope that in my quiet place, I reach out to Jesus and thank Him for tying our heartstrings together. When I walk down that aisle, surrounded by the people who have loved and supported us, I hope your face lights up with joy.

I’m sure mine will too.



About a year ago, I came up with the idea to write letters to my future husband, not knowing who he is. This is one of those letters. I had heard of other women who have done it and saw blog posts about it and I figured, why not? What better gift to give him on our wedding day than a box full of letters written by eighteen, nineteen, twenty year old (and so forth) me? At the moment, I have approximately twenty letters and I only started writing them ten months ago; some of them are one page and some are more than four pages long. With that, I can imagine that he will have a novel to read by the time I actually marry him.

I wanted to share this to encourage single women who have thought about doing writing letters. I’m really bad at staying on top of new ideas, projects, journaling, and keeping resolutions, but this has somehow stuck to me. I may go a month or two without writing, but sometimes I’ll write three letters in a week. It all depends on how I’m feeling.

What to Write:

To be honest, I don’t follow any specific rules or write on certain topics, I just write what comes to mind. Sometimes I write letters like the one above or I’ll copy down Bible verses that impacted me that I wanted to resonate on, words of encouragement, prayers, thoughts, struggles and decisions that I’m trying to make. For me, writing helps me think and understand what is going on in my head so when I’m writing to someone, I can figure out how to process it. It doesn’t always have to be serious, either. Sometimes I just write about things that happened in the day and laugh at myself for doing stupid things―these can be really entertaining at times. I think I drew a stick figure picture on the back of one of them, too?

When to Write:

Do not make it a priority to write every day or once a week. If you follow a schedule, then the words begin to lose meaning and you will be writing because you feel like you have to. When you feel inclined to write, that’s when you should do so.

Why Write Letters:

The spoken word can be lost and forgotten, but when you express yourself in writing, it can be read over and over again. This is something he can go back to when he needs to be encouraged or wants to relive memories. Writing these letters has helped me be patient in waiting and held me back from jumping into any relationship because I know that the man who reads these will be so much more than a guy that just offers flattery. It helps to have a connection to someone you may not have met yet or you just don’t know who will be the one you end up with so that you can “talk” to them when you feel lonely or ready to settle.

This project has helped me immensely and I hope it has offered a little encouragement to you.

My challenge to you this week is, no matter what you do, take time to pray for him. Pray that God gives him strength and guidance as He prepares him for your relationship. That’s one of the best things you have the power to do! 🙂


Meghan and I will be taking turns every Friday, talking about Love Life & Literature!  Keep an eye out for her blog post at next Friday! Until then, read her post from last week: Head to My Heart

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