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Survival Tips from a CFRR Addict

The Christian Fiction Readers Retreat is exactly one week away and the excitement is overflowing! On August 12th, authors and readers will be gathering together in Cincinnati, Ohio for an exciting event filled with author panels, book signings, and a lot of #FOAFA (Freaking Out and Flailing About–a hasthag I coined last year). For those of you… Continue reading Survival Tips from a CFRR Addict

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When You Don’t Feel Like Enough

In the quiet of the morning, I walked my family’s dog around the neighborhood as I thought about the events of this past summer and my future leading up to and after graduation this December. Then, all of the sudden, the crippling doubts began to creep up on me. As someone who has struggled with… Continue reading When You Don’t Feel Like Enough

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For the Inward Perfectionist

I was talking to Meghan the other day about how crazy my life has been, and she mentioned something about our "perfectionist tendencies." I immediately thought, Me a perfectionist? Definitely not.  When I think of a perfectionist, I think of someone who must have everything labeled and organized. I think of a person who keeps everything in… Continue reading For the Inward Perfectionist

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Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, I hope that when we meet, it’s uncomplicated. We strike up a conversation and then go our separate ways, but I hope that there’s something about that moment that you keep going back to. I hope our love story is simple. When we begin to hang out, I hope that it’s casual.… Continue reading Dear Future Husband

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Confessions of a Bethany House Publishers Intern

I just spent a whole hour packing and weighing envelopes, receiving a few paper cuts in the process. And you know what? I was beaming almost the entire time. This summer I took an internship at Bethany House Publishers—one of the most esteemed Christian publishing companies in the industry; they’ve held their ranking near the… Continue reading Confessions of a Bethany House Publishers Intern

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For When You Can’t Bring Yourself to Sing

I hate to admit this, but I haven't attended church in weeks and have hardly cracked my Bible since then. I wake up with no motivation to put on a face that the world will find acceptable and feel so fed up with myself for not being a perfect Christian to the point where I… Continue reading For When You Can’t Bring Yourself to Sing

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Flawed Expectations

Love for the Lord. Humor. Spontaneity. Kindness. Empathy. Consistency. These are just a few of the things on my checklist of what I look for in a potential relationship. For years and years, I prayed for this ideal man. I knew that any relationship I entered into would be because I see potential in them… Continue reading Flawed Expectations

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Grace Upon Grace

In a Facebook group chat full of authors, readers, and bloggers alike, the everyday conversation is intriguing and hilarious, to say the least. The conversations brew with topics of books, writing problems, fangirling over Chris Evans, amusing life stories, and daily occurrences. This is how Meghan Gorecki and I built our friendship from the first […]

Book Review

Book Review: True to You by Becky Wade

“What I’ve learned is that the past might be challenging and the future might be unsure. And that’s okay. The present is all we’re given, anyway. When we get to the future, God will be there. He’ll supply whatever we need for each day.” Series: A Bradford Sister’s Romance (Book #1) Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Publication Date:… Continue reading Book Review: True to You by Becky Wade

Book Review

Book Review: Count Me In by Mikal Dawn

“It was a freak of nature, flying. Unless you were a bird. If God had wanted people to fly, He would have created them with wings, and the last time she checked, feathers weren’t growing out of her back.” Series: Emerald City Romance (Book #1) Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Publication Date: May 16, 2017 Number of pages: 217… Continue reading Book Review: Count Me In by Mikal Dawn